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Celebrate You Saturday – May 6, 2023

SAVE THE DATE: Upcoming Celebrate You Saturday Events!

  • May 6 Theme: May the Force Be with YOU
    Focus: mental health, skin health, third eye
    and crown chakras
  • June 3 Theme: Let the Sun Shine In!
    Focus: brain health, awareness, and the power of your thoughts, third eye and crown chakras
  • July 1 Theme: Choose You!
    Focus: liver health, the flow of life and emotions, solar plexus and heart chakras
  • August 5 Theme: See Your Path to Well Being
    Focus: eye health, national wellness month,
    third eye chakra
  • Sept 2 Theme: Harvest the Benefits of Health
    Focus: pain awareness and management, healthy aging, environmental health, root chakra
  • Oct 7 Theme: Self Care Isn’t Scary!
    Focus: breast health, lung health, heart chakra
  • Nov 4 Theme: Thankful for a Healthy You!
    Focus: sweetness of life, gratitude, sacral
    and heart chakras
  • Dec 2 Theme: Hibernate for Positive Change
    Focus: immune system health, nutrition, crown chakra