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Support Our Mission

I Am Well Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering America’s health and wellness transformation. Support our mission and vision by becoming a donor or sponsor of I Am Well Foundation. 

I Am Well Darke County 

Residents in and around Darke County – as well as those who would like to support I Am Well Darke County from across the country – can become a member or sponsor of I Am Well Darke County. 

Our Strategic Goals

Our 2023-2024 strategic planning goals include: 

  • Open I Am Well Foundation HQ + I Am Well Darke County’s Celebrate You Center
  • Reach at least 2,000 decision-makers with the Whole Person Centered Optimal Health & Wellness Model
  • Serve 10,000 people through I Am Well America
  • Provide services to at least 300 people through I Am Well Darke County
  • Establish at least 1 new chapter or affiliate program (beyond I Am Well Darke County)