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I Am Well America

Our signature program, I Am Well America, connects Americans with comprehensive whole person centered optimal health and wellness education. Visitors can take a model-based self-assessment, and explore the Healthy You Dash. I Am Well America incorporates the Whole Person Centered Optimal Health and Wellness Model by starting with wellness as the standard, rather than illness. It provides visitors with signs of optimal health as well as signs of warning or decline. From there, visitors can explore options to maintain their wellness, as well options for holistic intervention, starting with the least costly and least invasive options first. 

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I Am Well America is designed to empower individuals throughout the United States to understand, achieve and maintain optimal health and wellness by providing education, promoting self evaluation tools and connecting people to providers and resources. Everyone is welcome to share the app with their family, friends, colleagues, and on their social media. Providers can also share the site with their clients, or add the I Am Well America link to their website. 

For more information, or to become a resource in I Am Well America, please contact us. 

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(Note: I Am Well America strives to include national resources that have local provider directories.)